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A note from one of the unwashed ...

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard

I think it is unfortunate that a person who has taken the time and made the effort to put his thoughts on a subject into such a detailed exposition should be criticized for doing so because people are too


I wasn't criticizing. I was commenting. The thread was active for a few days, then after that massive missive, it stalled. I read and re-read that post, trying to work through it. Sorry if I'm not as bright as you ...

I guess I prefer succint and direct. Brevity being the soul of wit an all that. And I find the off-topic, humorous, chit-chatty, friendly banter just as important and fulfilling as the deeply researched, well-written, carefully crafted intellectual and academic pieces.

Oh well, I guess I should get back on the ginko biloba, huh?

Those folks who are truely of a "non-academic" palette can feel free to NOT read whatever they want.

Exactly. Just as you can read _my_ posts (or anyone else's) or not as you wish. Probably nothing I have to say would interest you anyway. I do tend to lean toward the common and direct ... and I like to share humor and weirdness pretty often, too. Darn all that nonsense anyway!

However, you may rest easy. Senshincenter and I exchanged a few notes (on- and off-forum) about the post in question and came, I think, to an understanding. In fact, think he and I would greatly enjoy training together and would probably also enjoy hanging out and chatting over a good pint afterward, too.

But that probably wouldn't interest the high-minded and intellectually-deprived among us, would it?


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