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Re: Nikkyo omote or not...

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For example: gyuaku hanmi ikkyo and nikkyo omote are the same way preformed exept for the pin at the final stage where with ikkyo the arm is horizontal on the tatami and with nikkyo the arm is vertikal.
Many people would agree with this. Tarik and I don't, but we suggest different solutions.
My best advice (although it's a bit of a poinoned gift): keep an open and critical mind. You'll find there are lots of other things in aikido that defy logic, but looking for the answers will enrich your aikido.

ps.: With "things that don't make sense", I do not mean aikido should incorporate ground fighthing, aikido's teaching methodology does not work, etc. What I mean is that the aikido that is being transmitted is not a logical, consistent whole and it will remain that way as long as aikidoka fail to read and think for themselves and keep believeing all the foundationless stories that are passed within the aikido community.
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