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Re: Nikkyo omote or not...

Arjan de Vries wrote: View Post
Thanks for the answers so far.

It is not that I don't know how to do nikkyo (as far as you can... ) but is gave me some thought of how to explain to my own students the difference between ikkyo and nikkyo.
I don't know nikkyo. I'm passable at nikyo.

Arjan de Vries wrote: View Post
For example: gyuaku hanmi ikkyo and nikkyo omote are the same way preformed exept for the pin at the final stage where with ikkyo the arm is horizontal on the tatami and with nikkyo the arm is vertikal. That is why I asked your opinon about what for you the nikkyo pin is. (or perhaps better, where is it in the technique for you)
That's what I tried to describe. They look the same, but appearances are deceiving, IMO. Ikkyo controls center through the elbow, nikyo controls center through the joint lock at the wrist (not pain). They might look similar in this context, but IMO, they FEEL totally different to uke and control passes through tori to uke through a different connection. An observer who is aware of the difference can easily tell how tori is connected to and controlling center.

Just my point of view. Take it or leave it. Even most seniors in my old dojo never even thought about it that way at all and simply described the difference much as you do and thought it inconsequential.


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