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Re: Nikkyo omote or not...

Arjan de Vries wrote: View Post
Hi all,

Last night I got a question about nikkyo. "What is the omote?" So I showed them. (as I have learned)
But it started me thinking: What do we call nikkyo? Is it the lock on the wrist (as in nikkyo ura) or is it the lock at the end in suwariwaza. If it is the lock on the wrist, if yes what is it about gyaku hanmi ikkyo then? I was allways told that the lock at the end in suwariwaza is the nikkyo lock. But this one is also performed in for example kotegaeshi.

So, does any one of you fine people have some thoughts on this?

I hope you understand what I mean.
Dunno about fine, but my opinion is that in either omote or ura, nikyo is about controlling the center through the nikyo lock.

Most people seem to perform the omote without the nikyo lock and rely on the elbow for control. To me, that is ikkyo with an incidental hand position on the wrist that looks like nikyo, but it is not nikyo as the center is controlled through different means.

Pins are a separate issue and I suggest that you can perform an ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, etc. pin after using an arbitrary ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo, etc. technique. What we do in class is usually a rote kata pairing the ikkyo technique with the ikkyo pin, the nikyo technique with the nikyo pin, etc., but a totally arbitrary pairing only intended for learning.


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