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Re: Nikkyo omote or not...

There is only one thing common to all nikkyos omote and ura and that's the part where it's a lot like ikkyo, but uke's arm is in a vertical position instead of a horizontal one (1) and you control his elbow and the base of his hand in stead of elbow and wrist area.
Then you pin while entering or turning, and control uke in more or less the same way as you'd do after kote gaeshi. (Ironically, if you turn your hand outwards, it's nikkyo; if you turn it inwards, it's kote gaeshi. So why do they end up in the same place?)

The nifty nikkyo ura lock is only there for bonus points. You can replace it with a more ikkyo-like entry if you like, although that's not the orthodox way to do it.


(1) Of course, uke's wrist should be above his shoulder for leverage, but the arm is more or less horizontal.
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