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For the "real" situations - you should always counter the grab attacks in this way that if the uke WOULD let go, he would immediately recieve a strike (atemi) (as for the shihonage an elbow strike to the side of his head) OR you could just tenkan your way out there. Anyway as it was said on a previous reply - maybe try holding uke's arm in shihonage AND as I understand it - NEVER turn your back on the uke when doing this (okay there is just a glimpse when you switch your feet from one form of control to another but when it can be considered as "turning your back" it might be dangerous for you). Aikido techniques are composed in such a way that when you perform them YOU should always be in a better position (you can freely hit the uke if you want to) but it should be almost impossible for him to hit you. I was fascinated by this when I started - on my 6th kyu exam I performed as an uke for the Estonian Chief Instructor Andrei Dikarjov and that's exactly what he did - pinned me in shiho and said: Now let go and hit me! Guess what - I couldn't

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