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Re: Letting Go

Originally posted by shadowmonk
I am new to Aikido but not to martial arts. I have found Aikido to be very effective and I am very excited about learning more.

All the techniques I have learned are very effective and very smooth. There is so little effort needed to just "chunk" someone accross the room. Now, my question is what if they just let go?

The reason I ask is because I was showing my brother some different techniques, just as I had done them in class, and all he had to do was let go and next thing I new there was an unstopable knee in my stomach or elbow in my face. Even when I went full speed.

So, I mean, in a real fight a person is not going to just stand there while I turn my back to them in shihonage. So what's the deal?

Thanks in advance.
There is a saying among the long-time e-aikidoists. "Aikido works. Mine might not".

Seriously, just keep training and you'll find the answers to your questions.

If you're ever traveling through Montgomery, AL (we're about 2 hours from Atlanta on 85 South), please stop in and train with us.

I guarantee that my instructor will give you shihonage that you can't "just let go" of.


Greg Jennings
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