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Timothy WK
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Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar at Aikido of Northern Virginia

Stephen Kotev wrote: View Post
Daito Ryu ... does not have ukemi as we know it.
That was something that struck me about Daito-Ryu as well. In Aikido, Uke takes a very active role, attempting to "follow" Tori. (Many AIkido techniques actually take advantage of this movement.) Ukemi often involves taking steps or turns or whatnot. In this sense, Uke has to "think" about what they're doing.

In Daito-Ryu, there's none of that. Kuzushi is generally taken on the first movement, so Uke can't really do anything but stand there while Tori maneuvers for the throw or whatever.

--Timothy Kleinert
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