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Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar at Aikido of Northern Virginia

Adam Bauder wrote: View Post
Emphasis mine:

Just curious. Are you saying in the aikido you practice, uke gets to "decide" wether or not they fall? I'm not disputing that there are differences, but everything you described sounded like what aikido should be.

Thanks for the review!

Hi Adam,

Take Tenchi Nage for example; you can take a sitfall, forward roll, or backward roll off this technique in Aikido. I still have to fall but I have a choice of what kind of fall I take. You have the choice between the three. In most throws that I have experienced Uke has the option to vary their body movement to take different types of falls. My experience at this seminar was that I had no choice -- my body was being manipulated so that I had to take a breakfall from Shiho Nage -- I did not make any decisions my structure was manipulated till I had to fall. I could not take a front roll out of it or slip my hips to take a sitfall. I had to take a breakfall. I know it may sound similar but it's very different. Many of the falls that Gino took were breakfalls; I rarely saw any forward tumbles. The Daito Ryu techniques took place at a very close distance and the uke was dropped not thrown. I think that's a big difference -- vertical drop vs. horizontal throw.

There was also a difference in kuzushi -- In my experience it seemed easier for uke to regain their balance from a botched Aikido technique than from a botched Daito Ryu technique. It seems that it's easier to break connection with Nage in Aikido than Tori in Daito Ryu. Once I was locked in/connected to Goldberg Sensei -- it was all over -- no deciding just waiting for the drop. I have worked with many beginners what will turn away and not continue to attack once you tenkan -- they have the choice to continue to follow.

I hope this helps.

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