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Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar at Aikido of Northern Virginia

Emphasis mine:
Stephen Kotev wrote: View Post
Daito Ryu as represented by Sensei Goldberg does not have ukemi as we know it. The techniques I experienced created a strong connection between Tori and Uke and when done correctly leave no option for uke. Uke makes no decisions they simply are dropped into a hole and must fall. There is no decision-making process; you don't wonder how you should move -- your balance is taken and tori manipulates the connection between the two of you to place you in a position where you must fall.
Just curious. Are you saying in the aikido you practice, uke gets to "decide" wether or not they fall? I'm not disputing that there are differences, but everything you described sounded like what aikido should be.

Thanks for the review!

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