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Re: dojo head bans students from training with another teacher (ex student)

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The head of the old dojo came onto the mat and announced that this was happening and wished the student success and that they understood that his friends would want to support him.

*snip content*

Some of the students have asked permission to train at the new club (as etiquette here states you must) and all have been told that, no, they cannot and if they do they will not be welcome back to the club. Those who have asked why have simply been told that it's personal with no further explanation forthcoming.
It sounded amicable at first, but apparently not entirely. Is the student welcome to visit the old dojo? I've always found it odd that teachers would try to make their students ask permission to train somewhere else, but that's just me.

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Well, how would you feel and how would you react to this? Is it fair to be told you cannot support a friend?
I'd look at it this way. You aren't being told you cannot support your friend, you're being asked to choose.

It's a pity that it's considered necessary since the new individual clearly made an effort to not conflict with the existing schedule, but perhaps this is a passive-aggressive way to discourage said students endeavor without publicly criticizing him/her. <shrug> Perhaps not.

So choose.


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