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Bruce Baker
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Watered down Budo

I guess my fascination of Caste System for almost all cultures, along with the invisible caste system of America in my early years of life still guide my instinctive organization to history and cultures? Poor scum of the earth are me ancestors ... oh, well.

It is the natural way of humanity to create pecking orders, and use them to their advantage ... only when you rise in this order do you gain the freedom to ignore the doors that are closed to others. You can look at the numbers and identification of your life as beneficial ... or that they are the tracking devices or tools used to keep you withing a system that allow those with more to control your life ... or go about your life in total ignorance? (if you really want to know what goes on around town, check the old lady gossip. They know all the secrets and lies.)

As far as commoners learning fighting or Martial arts ... openness depends on if you are the peasant, or someone with a teacher and time to teach you, doesn't it? The ways of America have pretty much changed the attitude of the world, I think today we have more MA in the USA than the mother countries of those arts have themselves?

Anyway, I notice that almost all people who have studies MA since they were a kid, 20 years/30 years, always get this I- have- been there- done- that attitude? I still get it from local teachers I am acquainted with in my local area, but they always seem to be studying something simular or parallel MA to what I did the year before ... with the same huffing and puffing you guys do? Maybe we both huff and puff ... people most dilike the things they dislike in themselves when seen in other human beings. It creates natural instinctive dislike to others to display these traits ... I have been working on that one for twenty years, still am.

Back to MA whining ....
One guy whined about muay tai, Gracie Jujitsu being no good, the next year he was introducing them into his Tae Kwon Do. Another whined about Wing chung, Tai chi being bogus, the next year he had teachers in his dojo. Now you guys are whining about Pressure Points, and Chi/Ki ... well, I am trying to learn what ever I can, are you? No fingers, no offense intended ... thought you might be interested now that there is method, evidence, and true results in this field?

Really, no offense guys, but there has to be a deeper meaning to Aikido than just the physical efforts we do and see. A budo derived from war made safer. Made safe how? Why?

It's okay, you got six more layers oof skin to go before any real pain starts.

In the meantime, I will check out your guys, and you can check out my guys? Fair enough?

Although, if you are as learned as you say, you will get the better end of the deal.

By the way, I do the classical style of Ueshiba Aikido as practiced by Y. Yamada/ NYC.
Studying other MA helps to make it safer, much more enjoyable, too. Tell me you wouldn't enjoy Aikido as much if you didn't do, learn, or had never tried other martial arts.

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