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Bruce Baker
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Bugei ...

Sorry Chuck ... since I don't work anymore I always have the news, history channel, or some learning show on in the backround. Last year they carbon dated an Indian settlement site to over fifty thousand years old in New York state, and they believe further down to be two or three much older settlements.

Of course, there are the Longhouse history talkers who keep a much different history than the general public is allowed to view. (Boy am I gonna get flak about this)

Also, a body of an indian washed up on shore, Near Washington D.C., not too many years ago, and it was over 50,000 years old by testing. I forget if it was a scientific magazine or Time, but it detailed the oldest Indian sites in America, and evidence to support these finds. Some of this evidence is in Washington D.C. Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian? Yeah, that's it. But a lot of Indian relics are being repatriated to tribes for burial.

The point being ... we have barely scratched the surface of what is to be learned by a culture who is as old, if not older than the European, and Asian cultures.

It wouldn't hurt to learn about the people who we have been ignored in the name of manifest destiny to create America. Maybe there is some good that let us continue to be America more than history's four to five hundred year window per civilization?

You might also find that the Native Americans more closely resemble the Japanese in spiritual goals than do the European based religions, which most of us hail from and profess to? They look to nature, but live in the real world.

But, we do try to see the good in all things ... or isn't that the first thing your first MA teacher taught you and as mine did?

Still, how many teachers of MA are professional DJ's, performers, Magicians, registered Ministers, and professional Clowns? No wonder it was fun to learn MA's?

Check it out. Search Six Nations and the myths of USA natives? Have fun.

Learn the true legend of Deganawidah/ Hiawatha and how to clear your clouded mind, then tell me we couldn't use some of that in Aikido?

Now, if they could do something for advanced Meniere's, we might have a miracle.

I still haven't figured out what this Bugei is all about? It is more ambiguous than a lawyer upholding the law without looking for the truth? Could someone carve it down to a couple of sentences, or listed points? Thanks.
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