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Re: original quotes in japanese

Eric Kinoshita wrote: View Post
The first one, that Aiky sent was significantly different.
Yes, I know it was different. As I wrote, "Although it's not the exact source..."

If I had the time, I would have been happy to translate the English text into Japanese. However, having just come back from being in Japan for a couple of weeks, my time has been limited. Besides, as I'm sure that Chris, Peter, and any others who have done English to Japanese (or vice versa) translation can attest to, any sort of a re-translation of a text that was already translated into another language back to its original language will not necessarily even be close to its original. As such, I would have been wary, to say the least, of translating the English back to the Japanese and calling it anything near "what the founder said," not to mention the inaccuracies that may already have been present in the "transcribed" and "original" Japanese text (that Peter pointed out).

In any case, I'm glad you found something that you found helpful in your search.

-- Jun

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