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Lyle Bogin
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On Atemi

Brian H. wrote:

"What I would describe as "atemi" as practiced in most dojos is "putting" the strike in place with a relaxed arm. Nobody is hurt by a fisted pressed against their body or held in front of their face (touching their face is just rude)."

I would like to comment about this, as I do not agree and think that atemi of this sort is actually more dangerous in the long term.

IMO, if you are going to use strikes, you must sincerely strike. You may warn your partner and give them suggestions as to how to react to ensure their safety. But if you do not you lose in a few ways:

-uke has no sense of the distance his opponent will be when striking, reducing his true sense of maai

-nage has a false sense of the structure, distance and timing of an actual strike

-uke does not NEED to react, forcing him/her into friendly falling rather than actual ukemi

-uke loses a sense of knowing when a strike is real, and when it is just a feignt or lead

I am not suggesting we go out on the mat and start whalloping eachother, only that atemi of any sort must be sincere, or we lose the lessons it has to offer. If friendly hands are waved in your face over and over, when a real punch comes it will likely be an unpleasant experience. If you get used to missing the mark on the mat, you will miss the mark off the mat.

A final comment: touching someones face will make them annoyed, hot in the head, frightened, etc. This is good training. If you can learn to be calm when hit, you have gained much. After all, it's your fault for not getting out of the way.

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