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Re: Greetings From Perth Western Australia


Ok, I will try to help you. I know when I started it was a bit confusing deciding which school to join.

Firstly, are you looking for a dojo in a particular area and what kind of training are you after?

I only know of a few dojos.

There's Jan de Jong and Hans de Jong Aikido which are basically a bit of old style Yoseikan combined with a lot of jujitsu. They have dojos all over the place.

Yoshinkan Aikido, I think still in Claremont, run by an excellent instructor called Darren who trained in Japan.

West Coast Aikido Academy in Waneroo. Ross Taylor was one of my instructors when he was under my teacher. He runs a good class but maybe too far for you if you don't live out that way.

John Langley's Institute of Aikido in Scarborough and Subiaco. He has many students.

There's my school which used to be called "Budo Yoseikan" under Yoshiaki Unno Sensei before he died. We are located in Osborne Park. You can check out our website from my profile link.

Katie Noad teaches Tomiki style aikido and Katori Shinto Kenjutsu in Mosman Park.

I think things to consider when choosing a dojo:

1. Location
2. Cost
3. Affiliation/Style (Independent, Aikikai etc)
4. Training times
5. Type of training offered (self defence, MMA, traditional aikido)
6. Type of students (nerds, surfies, bikies, bouncers etc)

As I mentioned in my previous post, do a dojo search on Aikiweb. Also use the yellow pages. If you want more info you can pop into some of the martial arts shops like Ray Hanna's. They have flyers and business cards from various schools.

Best of luck

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