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Re: Onegaishimasu

Further on the use of onegaishimasu: in the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo (Iwama Dojo), when a technique is demonstrated by the sensei, and after the sensei bows to his uke (saying "arigato gozaimashita"), the sensei then bows to the class and says "onegaishimasu" to the students. They say "onegaishimasu" in return. In many cases - in dojos - the sensei usually says "Hai, dozo" to the students after having shown the technique. In the Shibu Dojo the reigi saho shows, in my opinion, the wish of the sensei for the students to kindly receive the teaching that he has presented, and the students say "onegaishimasu" in the way of wishing to receive. I have especially seen Inagaki Sensei and Nemoto Sensei using this reigi saho.

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