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Originally posted by LOEP
There's lots of great info and really deep, truly scientific, knowledgeable, academic research available. Go find it and then we can discuss your belief system and how it interrelates with your aikido training.
Chuck, I'm unaware of any academic or scientific research proving, or even effectively discussing many of the topics in question. I'm not saying it hasn't been done, just that I've never stumbled upon it. If you could point me in the direction of some I'd be thrilled. Hell, I can't even find any decent studies supporting acupuncture.

A general comment on research. If I go to a psychic and the psychic seems to be able to tell things about me I may well be impressed. If the psychic tells me he speaks to an Incan god who gives him guidance it may be true or it may not be but there are other possibilities:

1. He reads people well. Very perceptive.
2. Generalities can be applied to most people.
3. When I made the appointment he researched me on the internet.
4. Is a master at drawing people out.
5. Is psychic.
6. Is a complete fraud.
7. I only noticed the hits and not the misses.
8. A bunch of things I have not even thought of.

It's also true that just because something seems to work, it doesn't mean it actually worked. It's why science gets so worked up about controlled environments, double blind studies and statistics. It's also why so many so-called paranormal types fail under those circumstances.

Bringing this back to Dillman. He may be able to knock people out, or he may not be able to knock people out. If he can, and it would take a lot more than seeing him at a seminar to prove it, then the question becomes how does he do it? I think you would have to eliminate a ton of possibilities before you got to ki and energy meridians as how he's doing it. He might say that's why and he may even believe it's why but that don't make it why.
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