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Ai symbol Greetings From Perth Western Australia

Hello there!
It's good to FINALLY be allowed to post on this site!
I have been studying Aikido for the past 6months, but haven't yet been to training.I'm stuck on which school to attend and have been to a few around my city to check them out.By "studying" I mean I've been devouring evry little piece of information I can on the philosify,history and techniques of Aikido.I'm keen to get started but am stuck on which school to attend.If anyone is from PERTH Western Australia or even if you are reading this your feedback on this question would be great!!!

School 1:Sensei graded by a Ueshiba (Not sure who) training availible 3-4 times a week but seems to focus a little more on Aiki JuJutsu rather than straight Aikido.Kendo training is included in the class and the Sensei focuses more on street stuff.

School 2:Branch of Aikikai Australia, straight up and down Aikido all the way but training only availible 2 times a week both 1hr sessions.

School 3:Highly regarded as one of the best martial arts schools in the state.The Dojo's training regimen cosists of Aikido Ju Jutsu Sword and Stick training.Etiquette is strict and training is 3-4 times a week.

If anyone could please give me any advice I'd appreciate it!

Thank you
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