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Charles Hill
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Re: Onegaishimasu

David Orange wrote: View Post
I was rear ended sitting at a red light a few weeks ago on my way to work in the morning. We both pulled into a 7/11 and this young guy with dyed hair and a rumpled suit gets out, stumbling and mumbling, clearly drunk. I called the cops and in the TWENTY minutes it took them to arrive, the guy must have said "onegai," literally 100 times. He wanted me to call the cops back up and say that no, I made a mistake and there was no need to come. He kneeled on the pavement and put his forehead into the gravel at least 20 times. He finally started crying.

Two cops pulled up on bicycles and took a report and gave him a breathalyzer. He was just under the limit. He also explained that he had worked all night and was just driving home ie, he was tired and that was the cause for rear ending me. The cops gave him a ticket and let him go. He GOT INTO HIS CAR and DROVE AWAY!

ONEGAI! Get me outta this country!

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