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Originally posted by Robyn Johnson
If I could take a "magic" pill it would be wonderful! It would take a lot of the pressure off for me too. I would still go to class and have a lot of fun. Maybe more than I do now because I wouldn't get those frustrating moments.
Originally posted by Edward
I would take that "pill" if it becomes available . . . but this would not mean that I would stop training, in the countrary, I would increase my usual practice time.
I don't understand why you think that being a sudden master of aikido would not make you stop training. Once you've mastered something, it becomes boring to do. Bad analogy: How much time do you spend practicing in those little children's activity books that have you identify colors and what sound each barn-yard animal makes? I would hope not very much (if you are, I think there may be a problem.) You know what the names of colors are, and to spend hours and hours reinforcing that in an activity book would be ludicrous, not to mention quite strange. I think that without something to constantly be thinking about and improving, training would become boring and it would be stupid for me to continue to practice.

The enjoyment that we get from aikido is in our improvement. It's really nice to be "in the zone" for a day. True, it's disappointing when we come back and are having problems again, but where would the satisfaction of being good come in if we didn't know what it was like to have a bad day?

Sarah (who enjoys all her little mistakes)
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