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Re: Re: Re: Is our Budo watered down?

Originally posted by jimvance
This was the only thing I didn't agree with wholeheartedly from your whole seminar (above) with Bruce (which I have seen you have had a lot of lately!).

Sigh. Yeah. I tried to talk to him, then tried to tune him out and failed, apparently at both. He seems like a nice guy, but he's got a very closed point of view (and I know where a lot of that comes from, I've been down those paths myself over the years).

The main reason I respond now is to try to keep 'good' (read that from my PoV) info out there as well as the stuff he's saying. Let folks examine both and hopefully it'll lead them to do their own research (and training) and find their individual truths.

I think that I just misunderstood what you meant. Perhaps it's just the word "only" that gets my attention, perhaps it's the word "war". Whatcha talkin' bout?

Budo. Most extant budo were organized, codified, catalogued and systematized in times of peace. The roots of the arts may have been laid on the battlefield, but during wartime, no one has the luxury of taking notes, experimenting and researching.

Today, despite the obvious turmoil that exists in this world, MOST of us who study budo do so in relative peace and security.

Folks in Afghanistan right now, for instance, don't have time for much but survival. We, however, are blessed with the options of training, going out for a beer, seeing a movie, etc.

Unless the student is a soldier training for battle, the study of martial arts is a luxury ...


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