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Originally posted by Jonathan
I agree with you, Peter, completely.

The mudansha I mentioned was 4th kyu at the time and the yudansha was 3rd dan. Makes the outcome of the conflict rather a surprise doesn't it?
A 3rd dan versus a 4th kyu, with the outcome you described, does indeed surprise me, not least because the 3rd dan appears not yet to have grasped some very basic principles of aikido. Which, again, leads to questions about the care with which a shihan trains his / her yudansha. In your earlier posts you defended the shihan against any suggestion of negligence, which, of course, is very reasonable on your part. But I wonder about the training of a 3rd dan who appears to be so ill-equipped to deal with strong kyu-grades, or with most partners. What do you think your shihan would say?

Then I read Johan's post, and I assumed he was referring to a recent divergence of skills within the rank in Sweden, which also surprises me.

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