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It really feels like i'm supposed to say "no" here, but hey sure, what the hell... as long as it really DID work, in that the Aikido mastery became my Aikido mastery, with my own nuances or whatever the heck actually happens when you master Aikido, and also as long as it came with ego-checking.

Then i could focus on perhaps a more interesting struggle (hey maybe even a harder one), learning how to TEACH Aikido. Oh yeah and perhaps chime in on the what-is-the-meanining, ki, harmony blah blah blah discussions without all the mental masturbatory side effects.

Of course, if the pill was widely available then... hmmm... would someone be willing to learn from a master-by-pill as opposed to someone who's been building up his Aikido the proper way, blood, sweat and tears?
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