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Actually, one of the videos I have seen is a demonstration in Japan commemorating some anniversary (sorry my memory about dates really sucks!) of Daitoryu. I think the demonstration possibly took place in 1986 (or 96?), I can verify that later. The thing is many Japanese arts were invited to demonstrate including the Hombu Dojo (both Aikikai and Yoshinkan). Aikikai was represented by Osawa Sensei (Junior), that time he was 6 dan.

His demonstration was simply brilliant! And clearly in a class of its own compared to the stiff and linear styles of the different Daitoryu schools present at the event. This is in no way criticising these arts, but simply saying that Aikido was on a different level.

I do agree that Aikido uses basically the same techniques as its predecessors (obviously much less in number) but the way the attacks are intercepted and dealt with before reaching the final conclusion of the technique with a pin or throw, together with the dynamism of the attacks and the flow and grace of the whole thing, this is what makes Aikido unique.

Or maybe I'm just blinded by my bias for Aikido

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