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Originally posted by Edward
Fortunately, after having seen the videos, I am very relieved to reach the very obvious conclusion that M. Ueshiba did actually "create" Aikido. Eventhough several throws and armlocks do look somehow similar in their conclusion, but also do many techniques that I see in WWF. Did WWF evolve from Daitoryu too? Now seriously, if you're not able to see the huge gap between Aikido and its predecessors, and the genius of M. Ueshiba, then there is no need to discuss this matter further


I've trained in more than one line of Daito-ryu (including the main line) and seen most of the others (and not on video). I've also trained in most of the major Aikido groups at one time or the other.

I have to disagree. Technically the gap between Daito-ryu and Aikido is not that great. Probably not great enough, IMO, to say that M. Ueshiba "created" the technical side of the art.

OTOH, I think that M. Ueshiba had a conception of a purpose and philosophy of training that very clearly delineates it from Daito-ryu.



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