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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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George it still is!!! Regarding Aikido the only opinion I care about is that of my sensei. Of course I'm old fashioned, old and broke down and old and in my dotage but hell the rest don't much matter to me. I am older and I think I have been doing Aikido under a Shihan's tutelage longer that most of the teachers at Hombu Dojo so its hard to care what they think.

Where is my Metamucil,
Of course, that's the bottom line. But in the interest of moving through a world which seems increasingly smaller, having some common reference points are nice. I wouldn't mind playing by the rules if the rules made any sense...

The fact is, that amongst the folks who know, both here and in Japan, the first question they ask is "Who is your teacher and how long have you trained?" In our case that is enough, no further questions even get asked. But that isn't the case for everyone so it would be nice to understand what what the rules actually are. As near as I can tell, there are different sets of rules for folks who think they are playing the same game.

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