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Re: Aikido vs. WingTsun

Originally posted by Jorx

I'll be needing a little help and advice here. I happened to do some sparring with a WingTsun kungfu practioner and in hand-tohand one-on-one combat I got my ass kicked quite badly.
Has anyone any help or advice (or experience) in this field? Special Aikido defence against WingTsun/Chun?
Erm.. first of all, what are you doing "sparring"?
Particularly without your sensei/si-fu there to advise?
Post black belt or shodan (5th level?), or maybe in that indestructible brown belt phase, okay, but otherwise... what were you thinking?

Jorx, I have studied both WingTsun and aikido. I know that in ANY martial art prowess is far more up to the practicioner (and whether or not they have found something which suits them) than anything they practice.
I have "sparred" with WT practicioners and had them at my mercy. I have also been at theirs. Same with other practicioners, other styles. Yes, under a direct student of Leung Ting, student of Yip Man. (

Play, have fun, learn. Find what suits you. Train in it. Don't worry about comparisons. At the highest levels, all arts are the Tao.
If YOU can be, anyway.

And good luck with those cold winters! I had a bad fall this winter too, more due to speaker wires in my car than ice... owie.


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