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garry cantrell
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Re: For the internal Guys, real?

Ah, come on...gimme a break (no pun intended). Breaking demos can be highly entertaining! LOL!

Seriously, though - I'm sure lots of folks went to their very first martial arts classes because of some breaking demo somewhere. Once there, lots of otherwise timid souls got their first hint that maybe they had a little bit of power hiding in them somewhere because they learned how to put their hand through a pine board. Certainly anyone, with the rarest exception, can break a pine board, so, arguably it's not a big deal. But until they do - I dunno, for a lot of folks who have never actual HIT anything before in their lives - it seems like they experience an "aha" moment. A women with whom I co-taught women's self defense at the Houston Women's Center (long ago) liked to have folks do a break occasionally, just to get them to commit to hitting something.

My own favorite breaking story was during a demo in college where I tried a multi-board break - and the boards were supported between two chairs. The chairs broke...the boards didn't. There's an engineering lesson there somewhere.
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