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Re: Breathing exercises

Erik Jacobson wrote: View Post
Does anybody know of some good breathing exercises I can practice at home? I have a bad habit of breathing erratically when I am uke. It fatigues me badly.

I asked a few senior students and Sensei about what I can do at home and on the mat to help me breath right. So far I have received responses such as focusing on breathing during stretching, breathing out during every roll, and to practice breathing with my diaphragm to gain more breath.

Do any of you have any methods that you used at home to help you?
There are a wide variety of often conflicting recommendations about breathing. I would recommend this book:
It's by an author names Hale but it is really based on the work of a Russian researcher. The breathing exercises they use are pretty much what the Systema approach to breath control uses. I find it very interesting because it goes completely against the conventional Western belief in the value of deep breathing.

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