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Re: Shioda Gozo Technique

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, on my personal arc of training Don Moriyama; Bernice Tom, (briefly,Kazuo Chiba), as well as my first teacher, who can speak for himself if he chooses (and has on these points raised by you). I see no disconnect in what they do and teach and what I see Shioda did (apart from his level of performance), and, apparently taught. Although your preferred terms take some digesting to fully map from my perspective, I have satisfied myself (but obviously not you) that kokyu tanden ho/(kokyu ryoku underlies everything you address in this area. Like I said -- they are doing it and teaching it --- just not on your terms. The only problem I have seen anywhere else is in striking or forcing technique but that problem does not exist with those I mentioned or their other students I have known.

Let me put the question back, and give the obverse to Jim Sorrentino's question here : ): Where exactly have you personally gone and seen the "lack" of which you caution the readers here and what, exactly, have you found lacking in each, specifically, that you felt?

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