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Re: Aikidoka attacks

Hi Dan,

Glad to see that you're not avoiding me!

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
If you want to do better than "handle a 13 yr old" or "grandma when she's off her meds" there are ways to do it. You just need to find the right people [emphasis added] who know how.
Ever wonder why Ueshiba had no trouble, nor Takeda? The Problem never was with the original Aikido. The problem is with either Asian Aikido teachers not being forthcoming and revealing what is missing and/or Aikido people who never really understood aikido or how to do it in the first place being allowed to become aikido teachers. Together, the lack of understanding ( many times through no fault of their own) has continued the degredation of the art by ruining the next generation.
Aikido is no longer what it was. It is something entirely different using the same name.
You already know you are correct in your asessment. But you can fix what is missing in your Aikido. In other words how to do Aikido so it is viable again to stand with and against other martial arts and be both dangerous and powerful. You just need to find the right people. [emphasis added again]
Well, Dan, who do you endorse as "the right people" --- apart from yourself (who accepts only a small number of fellow shugyo enthusisasts), Mike Sigman (who is in one of the more remote corners of Colorado), and Minoru Akuzawa --- via Rob John --- (who both are in Japan)? In your opinion, who in the US or Canada is teaching aikido in a manner that would address Rich's concerns? And who (again, I'll limit this to the US and Canada) is teaching aikido in a way that makes it "viable again to stand with and against other martial arts and be both dangerous and powerful"? I look forward to your reply.


Jim Sorrentino
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