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Re: Shioda Gozo Technique

Erick's misled analysis will get you there about as fast as eating more rice will. It has nothing to do with angles or Ukes arms or tangients and extensions. Timing won't "pull it off" either.
It's Aiki power.
And the method of doing it is the basis of your entire art. FWIW, you should already know how to do it and you should have been doing it and many other seemingly advanced things since your first year. What a mess we've made of the arts.
It can be done from static standing or in Judo randori through the chest and arms. You should be able to do it through your head or your back, pretty much anything someone comes in contact with. Trouble is you need aiki in you- in order to affect others. You need to change -you- before you keep continuing with this blending/ timing crap. The "connection" has nothig to do with how it is done. But you can keep trying the blending / timing game till you get old.

If you can't do it and cannot explain how to do it -you don't understand Ai-ki-do. You're just doing the modern art of Aikido along with everyone else.
You can of course find a Japanese teacher, pay him alot of money, train under him for ten or twenty years, go to a whoooole bunch of seminars and hope he may eventually explain to you.... what you could have learned in a few weeks.
In the mean time, they may just tell you to eat more rice and do more kata. You may eventually get it. But really, most likely you never will. You'll end up like most folks writing in and wondering how it all goes together.
1. Find someone who actually knows aiki
2. Find somone who can and will "actually" teach

Shioda is among the few who knew how to do aiki. The very fact that he is so "different" to you? Pretty much says it all. Why in hell are so few teaching these things in clear, concrete, terms to train in? It's all vaguries and tral and error. Most are looking to low level teachers who really don't know, or it seems to real masters who simply won't show. It must be frustrating.

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