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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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I did some training years ago for some serious juvenile delinquents. These kids were on their last chance before big time adult jail. One of the things I said to them was that Aikido is about freedom. How can you live non-reactively, control your own life... Some of these kids went through life totally reactively. Someone "disses" them and they feel that they have to shoot them in response. I pointed out to them that living this way, you aren't free; you are letting everyone else determine your actions.
I was one of these guys....not guided by GS.L but none the less been through a big mill that none of you could begin to understand..but then again you have your own mill. Anyhow GS.L made another point about harmony in the work place...this is funny for me and fantasic at the same time! I had been working solid in a place for a while and being pushed around by a senior in the work place....I was given a chance by the top dog to completely turn the tables on this guy and completely rob him of a job and a life..instead my choice was harmony and it is paying off big time...I left and made better things happen .
A thought on this topic (even if the guy has seniority, if your choice is harmony you will always it the form of verbal,, throw, aikido OYO HENKA ...etc many forms) make it happen through harmony the philosiphy works well...nice thread and I would love to do some work with some kids like GS.L has done...I was one of them.

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