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Bruce Baker
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Lightbulb Is our Budo watered down?

The fact that all Budo, Martial art training was out lawed in the previous two centuries to the common man, except for soldiers and royal families, did that give common people a watered down budo? Must you learn from a descended art by royal family?

There is plenty of history outlawing schools of MA in both China, and Japan, let alone Okinawa. How many hidden techniques survived to be relearned in their original form to be understood for their original intended use?

Focus of question:
O'Sensei admits to changing his focus to the new art of Aikido, making it safe to practice for all humanity, but still being a true budo. How watered down did he make it to make it safe, and how much training, study does it take to see the true applications our techniques came from?
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