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Re: Tanaka Bansen

Dan Friedman wrote: View Post
I'm not sure if the earlier poster who talked about a Kawahara Shihan giving seminars in Hiroshima was talking about the same person -- I'm pretty sure the Kawahara Shihan I'm talking about only travels back to Japan to give a seminar (in Osaka, I thought) once a year around the winter holiday. He's also pretty steadfast in his commitment to basic principles and linear efficiency in his technique; whether that jives with people's "angular" experience of Tanaka Bansen, I couldn't say.
Mr Friedman,

I am the poster who stated this and I am certain that it is the same person. I very much doubt that there are two Yukio Kawaharas Shihans currently living in Vancouver who were aikido students of Bansen Tanaka. The Yukio Kawahara I was referring to received his 8th dan recently and I actually participated in a seminar he gave in Fukuyama. It was a few years ago, during the summer.

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