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Re: Paul Kang Sensei Passes Away

Please accept my offering of love.

When I first began my formal training it was three weeks after the passing of Terry Dobson Sensei, another beautiful and influential teacher from the Bond St. Tradition. I had no relative experience in a dojo against which to measure my expereince at the time. I simply knew what I felt when I got there. The dojo was screaming with life, yet people seemed to be sad. Teachers talked aout the eternal thread of musubi, yet felt deep disconnection. The physical practice was vigorous, yet weighed down with the gravity of death. All I could do was absorb the moment and hear the newness in the environment. What I felt and heard was incredible. While the mourning was correct and heartfelt, there was a spirit lingering in the dojo; waiting for someone to say 'hello' and to hold it's 'hand'. There was a call from the distant voice of ancient tradition that demanded to be carried by the freshest and cleanest of the next generation. There was a will present that demanded to continue on it's path. Those spirits found their home in me and in other 'doka', and we have carefully held and carried these teachings of musubi, as if our own children, for all of our years.
While Terry Dobson never physically touched my hand, I have benefited from his presence everyday. While I never met O'Sensei, he comes to me in my dreams and teaches me.
While I never met Paul Kang, his heart and practice will live on in spirit through all who he touched in life and those he continues to touch in musubi. I bow a deep bow of gratitude to Sensei Paul Kang. May his loved ones heal. May his spirit find it's home.

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