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Bruce Baker
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Magic Pill?

One of the greatest science fiction writers of the twentieth century was, in real life, a scientist, school teacher, and writer of many science fact books ... Isaac Asimov. In one of his short stories, he theorizes about implanting memorys, much like the magic pill, into a person by electronic means. Although the skill was there, the turmoil of the emotional self created great conflict, and sometimes was unable to distinguish between the moral implication and the actual use of skills in fighting?

Like most stories, it tried to adapt the laws of robotic behavior to human, but eventually adapted laws that went beyond those laws, which basically outlawed the magic pill. Why?

Human psychi is just not ready to integrate unlearned skills ... it was like having robotic control, a schitzoid personality ... one in control, the other a slave. It also ... never adapted outside these set skills, to learn or change as other situations presented themselves ... probably the greatest danger of skills without experience? Part of our human weakness, and our human strength.

If you want a magic pill, go ahead ... but is that really you doing those perfect moves, or someone else's programed response?
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