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Re: Things to look for in a teacher

I generally look for a nice healthy coat and strong teeth - an uneven gait can be a pointer to hidden flaws in the breed and you should consult your vet if you have any queries...

Sorry, but I find generalizations about "what to look for" are about as useful as they are specific and are normally written by someone who already has a reasonable idea of the art and knows what to look for.

While I agreed with the general thrust of the list (and the addendums) many of them relied on a level of expertise and discrimination which I don't think a true beginner has.
Be cautious of teachers who sit up on a pedestal, emanating a god-like attitude. Be cautious of the teacher who never touches you, who tells you not to question, and to practice something so that you'll get it in ten years time
This one almost hit the spot, but I'd say "leave" rather than be cautious of. Character and flavour of the teacher/dojo are the areas where I believe a beginner has necessary knowledge to judge.
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