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<erm a couple questions first! how long have you been practicing?>
3 years intesively (at least 3 2-hour lessons a week) against his 1,5 years.

One thing why I probably lost was his superior experience - 1,5 years of learning how to beat up ppl in one-on-one hand-to-hand combat while I have learned different disciplines under the concept of Aikido (staff, sword, knife, multiple attackers, falling etc etc) Another thing is he had more sparring experience. I hadn't practiced 100% no rules full-contact before.
And did I mentioned he was much taller than me
? (excuses-excuses)

Anyway... I had sparred before with some newbies from my class who could already fall but yet attacked with their "old moves" Then some "amateur boxing" And then once against my Aikido-classmate who had a black belt in shotokan-karate-do and also 4 years of some kung-fu. THAT was quite 50-50 (okay)
And I was ablo to disarm a drunkard with a knife who tried to cut me
So I was quite confident in my fighting skills till now (don't get me wrong - I'm no master... I just thought I could handle ppl my age and less experience and also drunk ppl.)

What was the problem in this current case:
It was so UNLIKE karate or boxing (or Aikido randori)... He was so aggressive. And yet had no holes in the defence. Of course I tried to apply principles About your advice - shihonage - coulnd't start extending the attack (because it was SO short - chainpunching) after the grab while he was already bashing me with his other hand/elbow and knee. Ikkyo (omote) THAT might actually have worked... maybe my irimi was just too crappy (laughs) Anyway... when I tried he was already IN MY FACE before i could take his balance.

and my second question was it fun? i mean if it was you will learn all the cool stuff! aikido takes time and energy to learn...

Of course it has been fun... otherwise I wouldn't have spent 3 years on it And I think it helps me in my everyday life more than some other arts WOULD. I just have got a LITTLE (just a little) doubt about combat efficiency and teaching methods when I was defeated by someone who has learned less time than I have (my jaw still hurts )

Any other advice?
Any other experience to be shared?

Estonian Aikikai
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