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They are movies, they are not real. They are used to entertain people, not to influence.

He is an actor, that is his job. What he acks as does not protray what he is. And once again movies are not real, unless it is a historical or bassed of a true story...

mostly what he acts in are action movies.... He is a bad actor and all he can do is aikido. and people like to watch action movies. Now aikido is pritty boring to watch in a movie if you do not know what it is. so he has no choice but to act the way his director tells him too.. if the director wants him to punch the guy in the face instead of throwing him on the ground he can not do anything about it... he is a working man trying to make a living... and that is no reason to judge him, or label him otherwize.

sorry if that sounded offensive it did not intend to be. That is not directed twards you it is directed to all the kids out there who think movies are real.
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