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erm a couple questions first! how long have you been practicing? and was it fun?

The first question isnt to insult begginers nor you but I know a lot of "advanced" students go for a spar and come back with their bum (alternative to A++) handen back to them. Sparing is very fast and combative and to use aikido well in such a situation you would need a lot of knowlege on the aplications of your techneques ( I used to take and form of kung fu and sparing was fun!). in aikido we use shionage or ikkajo or the such but for their applications thats a thing randori is kinda for ( although sparing is a good way to see if you have this knowlege.) we have had several kung fu people come to our dojo and try to mop our sensei, sensei beats them everytime because he doesnt always use shionage or kote gashi but used Aikidos prinicbles of blending and stuff . me I have once had a karate guy try to punch me with combo A or combo B. I mearly entered on the outside and pulled him on his weak spot and he fell ! of course i proably was lucky!

and my second question was it fun? i mean if it was you will learn all the cool stuff! aikido takes time and energy to learn!

Dallas Adolphsen
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