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Unhappy Aikido vs. WingTsun


I'll be needing a little help and advice here. I happened to do some sparring with a WingTsun kungfu practioner and in hand-tohand one-on-one combat I got my ass kicked quite badly. In knife vs. knife I was able to move almost correctly (and keep the distance) BUT the hand-to-hand was terrible - he seemed to have no openings to enter to and he didn't do long attacks which could have been extended or redirected by me. All I could do was to back up but I couldn't hold up this forever so I ended up head held down and him bashing his knee to my ribs (or elbow to my head). When I executed a takedown (tenkan and shomen little above his knee when he kicked) he dragged me down with him. So I was quite f***** every way... (and we tried several times)
Has anyone any help or advice (or experience) in this field? Special Aikido defence against WingTsun/Chun?

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