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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Actually I am curious, if this problem an aikido only problem or is this problem universal in the budo world? I too have had been in similar predicament. Higher ranking belts totally shut down my techniques.

However, after taking up Judo, I do not see such problem there. You know, if in fact the higher belts will go easy on the lower belts to help them develop the flow of the technique first (think uchi-komi). I mean, they know when resistant is require (e.g. in RAN-DORI) and when 'flow with the go" is the name of the game (as in nage-komi).

My personal thought: Kihon is just a learning tools to get the correct technique. It is pointless to shut down a learner/students' progress. If you want to really test tori's technique, do it during RAN-DORI, SHIAI or JIYU-WAZA.

Back to Judo, even in RAN-DORI, it is quite difficult to launch into your favourite throw directly especially fighting someone who is more experience then oneself. You have to set it up some minor techniques or feints; what more in KATA when both partner already know each other's intention in advance.

So, in conclusion... success in shutting down tori's technique during KATA training is just plainly an EGO boosting attempt. It serves no other purpose.


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