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Bruce Baker
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strong obnoxious ukes

You need to work on the oblique angles, that is where the stances are weak ... and ... if they, the uke, are concentrating on holding your arm then weakness occurs somewhere else. Give the uke your arm and take his/her balance. Sometimes a jostle goes a long way.

It is always an excellent class when we work on understanding the force of chi/ki when it is concetrated in one spot making others weak. Most teachers have particular methods to fix this, or you will stumble upon it in a seminar ... one way or another.

If you cannot get it in your mind how to overcome stronger opponents, especially if your temper overcomes clear thought, then don't go with this person for a while ... your teacher will understand it is the context of getting control of emotional well being.

However, never be concerned if uke has one or two hands on any one part of your body. What about your other hand and the rest of your body ... it isn't trapped, is it?


Eventually, you will get the hang of Aikido, and its many ways to take away the power of uke, and then it becomes lots of FUN!!

Until, then, read, learn, study, listen to your teacher as you take advice to overcome this minor barrier ... it will happen.

As for your temper, that is up to you. I have found the more I know, and the less threatening someone is from my knowledge, the harder it is to make me angry.

It is said among the Native Warriors of the Six Nations "a true man lets his skin grow seven skins thick, that way a clear mind rules his thoughts, not his emotions." (paraphrase but within the context of meaning.)

Yeah, we have interesting philosophy here in America too.
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