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Re: meeting the challenge

Originally posted by warriorwoman
Yes, this was very bad dojo etiquette for both students. However, the sensei, in his wisdom, may have been more aware of what was going on than you think. If he had interfered, they may not have learned the valuable lesson on their own, and might in the future repeat the same mistake, which is TO REMAIN IN CONTROL OF ONESELF. Some lessons like these can be taught but they sometimes have more value and are remembered longer when experienced. Please don't rush to judge the sensei in this case. I believe the mudansha learned his lesson and acknowledged his mistake. This will remain with him for a long, long time.
janet dtantirojanarat
I do not think I was rushing to judge the instructor in this particular case. I merely asked what he was doing and made a general comment about bad etiquette, with which you agreed. One aspect which has not been mentioned is the effect which two students fighting has on the rest of the class, including the possibility of injury.

I think instructors should be aware of what is happening to every student in their class and I for one would not allow practice to degenerate into such a fight.

Such an encounter occurred at a recent seminar. A shodan and a 1st kyu were blocking each other's technique, tempers soon frayed and there was a scrap. Of course, I stopped it, used the two as ukes for the rest of the class and, after the class had finished, made them practise the same technique once again, this time with me watching and participating. Of course, they apologised to each other, but I was pleased that they also apologised to me for potentially disrupting the class.

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