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Re: Poll: Do you like including aikido training as a part of vacation travel?

Amelia Smith wrote: View Post
Yes! It's a great way to meet people, and keep up a little tiny bit with training. However, sometimes it's hard to make contact with, and find, dojos in unfamiliar places. I mean, most dojos are not in the center of their cities, and can be a bit hard to get to. I've visited dojos in Singapore, Chaing Mai, and Barcelona, so far, plus a few in the US, and somehow just didn't get around to going to the one in Beijing. Next time...
Yes I am having trouble getting in contact with the ones in Shanghai at the moment - far easier to do that in Europe or N. America.

In any case, I alwas get something out of the visits even if its just a little company outside the hotel room. I hve found some real gems in out of the way places.

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