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Re: Parsing ai ki do

Skipping past the long and irrelevant analogies to planetary bodies- I will key in on the comments about the idea of differences in movement in poorly structured bodies.
The thought of their even -being- poorly structured bodies in Japanese budo is anathema to everything budo was meant to be about in the first place. The main purpose wasn't about better ways to swing a sword or punch. If you read various interviews- just about every master class teacher talks about an Asian model of training in budo "to be strong." But none of them were talking about lifting. They were talking about a bujutsu body that created unusual strength through structure. The main purpose to budo was to build that structure. It has been thoroughly ruined over the last century or so and now it has become convoluted and about waza or quasi-spiritual pursuits. There are few men with any real knowledge of the truths of bujutsu movement anymore.
Aikido's "matching" and "blending" ain't it.
Oddly enough were one to more accurately understand the purpose of resolving the physical aspects of in/yo in our bodies- it more fully explains the mumbo jumbo quasi religious stuff they are trying to find and force fit into their aikido. Moreover, it would more accurately book match the Ueshiba model of a balanced and fully realized human living in accord with a balanced universe really well. And in the most curious and oddly poetic sense this physical realization will increase their power and sensitivity exponentially-along side their ability to neutralize and resolve an attack

But it is all but pointless to even talk about it anymore. The masses are irrevocably convinced there is nothing more to be had than what they do and know. Even something as simple as the central pivot, or even winding, is poorly understood and all but absent in the arts. Ill-expressed as "tenkan," the turning movement in aikido is empty of it's true potential. Absent of the potential power contained in a structured bodies central pivot, instead everyone mindless quotes "Turn when pushed- enter when pulled." and thinks they are saying something substantial. After all it's in several books.

Speaking to no one in particular......
The art of Aiki can only be understood when one removes the other person from the equation. In point of fact you will never understand it by seeking to fit, match, lead or blend. Until you unify Ki in you -you cannot unify ki in conflict.

But no worries, chances are:
a. No one will ever correct you
b. No one you know will ever know the difference anyway.
c. The few who do will not tell you how anyway
d. You will spend your life getting along with the group -very well.
The truth of Ai-ki-do will forever escape you, and instead you will end up doing Aikido along with everyone else. But hey-that’s all most folks only want to do to begin with.
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