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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....

Originally posted by thomson
Last night I had the distinct displeasure of working with an uke that was hell bent on (I believe) proving that aikido doesn't work or MY aikido doesn't work.
Consider yourself lucky that you have somebody like that to work with and learn as much as you can. It doesn't matter if you can't do the technique - if you could do the technique already than you wouldn't have to train, right?

Now, I'm not saying that it's good to train this way 100% of the time, but as that doesn't seem to be an issue where you're training I wouldn't worry about it.

IMO, the uke is never wrong - it's my responsibility to deal with what they're doing, no matter what it is. Sometimes things don't work out so well - that's OK, that's part of the process.

If he pisses you off, well, that's OK too, it's part of the training. Live with it and try to do better next time. You mention that one of the reasons that you started training is to control your temper, but if you only work with people who don't piss you off then it doesn't make for much practice in temper control, right?



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