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Originally posted by sleepyshark
With nikkyo, I know it's only pain to my wrist and that it won't break. Iriminage ... when I finally regain consciousness, I'll let you know.
I think that every technique can cause tremendous amounts of damage when done "correctly." Taking nikyo as an example, nage can also be moving back or turning in the direction of the nikyo, thereby causing a lot of damage to the wrist and elbow. I've met at least one person whose wrist and elbow were damaged probably at least a decade ago from nikyo and he still feels its damaging effects to this day.

Even a "simple" technique like ikkyo can up-end uke so his feet go flying up and his head hit the ground first. Having taken breakfalls from ikkyo from people like my teacher before, it's a very devestating technique.

My personal feeling is that thinking "It's only pain" as uke is a dangerous assumption.

Lastly on a tangential note, my thinking is that any technique that relies on pain is sure to not work on certain people. Better to use principles like kuzushi to destroy their ability to fight...

-- Jun

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